Our Equipment

ULTRABRONZ – See the color difference immediately! Expect to be impressed! one to two visits in our high-pressure tanning beds are equivalent to ten times the tanning power than in a conventional low-pressure tanning beds. To maintain this deep, natural tan only 1 or 2 sessions a month is necessary.

CROSSFIRE – High Pressure Canopy Bed. This Top-Of-The-Line MegaSun Unit has 15,000 Watts of power! It has 30 High Pressure lamps and 20 160 Watt lamps for a Super Bronzing tan.

Mega V – The Mega V vertical tanning unit revolutionized the tanning industry with it’s release in 1999. With 42 lamps of VHR tanning power and quick, 10 minute times, the customer is always satisfied. An internal cooling system with raised floor vents, keeps the booth cool and comfortable while tanning. The Mega V boasts large double door entry, and a spacious interior.

SATURN – With the Saturn High-Pressure Stand Up unit you will get all the same beneļ¬ts of high-pressure tanning in just half the time! With its 360 degree design, you will be able to get all sides of your body tan in just 10 minute sessions, which is half the time of the lay down Ultrabronz bed. You will see the color difference immediately!

VORTEX – Our entry level tanning bed is a high quality level 3. This level is for tanners who want a variety and need a boost added to their base tan. They have “VHR” bulbs which tan you faster and darker than the basic tanning unit! It is accompanied with facial tanners, as well as fans, to keep you cool.


GOLD VORTEX MINUTE PACKAGE– Instead of using sessions use minutes!

SERVICES (being offered now by appointment!)

  • Facials
  • Waxes


Makeup, Lashes, and Body Wraps Coming SOON!

By Appointment only!