About Us

The ultimate in instant tanning has arrived in Nashville’s premier tanning spa. Expose yourself to an exceptionally beautiful tan by using the most high-tech sun tanning beds in the world! Riviera Tan Spa offers full service tanning in a clean, personal atmosphere. We are dedicated to promoting responsible indoor tanning, while placing a high emphasis on customer service, quality and value.

We offer a wide array of tanning options to meet any need you may have. From entry level beds for those just beginning their tanning journey to Ultrabronz High Pressure Beds for people who are seeking a deep, dark tan in a short window of time. Whatever the need, Riviera Tan Spa is here to guide you.

  • Try Our New 6-Minute Airbrush Tan
  • Waxes
  • Facials
  • Hi-Tech Tanning
  • Vortex Beds
  • V-Max Standups
  • Ultrabronz Filtered Light
  • Saturn 360 High Pressure Beds
  • No Contracts